JAHNABI RUPANTARAK , Unicode to Geetanjali  (Assamese/Bangla)

Convert unicoded Assamese text to Geetanjali and vise versa– the most widely used font in the print media and professional typing world with 100% accuracy & blazing fast speed


If you are accustomed to typing in Unicode and want to convert the Unicode text to Geetanjali (Geetanjali is the de facto font for professional DTP works and print media for publishing contents like books, magazines, newspapers etc) without using any 3rd party professional keyboard this is the TOOL for YOU. Nowadays most of the writers use Facebook and blogs to write Unicode content and they use to send the same text to newspapers/magazines for publishing, thereby duplicating typing works. Using JAHNABI RUPANTARAK you can convert text from Unicode to Geetanjali and Geetanjali to Unicode with blazing fast speed and accuracy.


  • Unicode to Geetanjali

  • Geetanjali To Unicode

  • Support for Assamese/English letters and numbers. No need to change font after Uni2Geet conversion

  • Unmatched speed and accuracy of conversion

  • No restriction of input text size( can be single page to more than thousands of pages)

  • Text sanitization and spell-check during Uni to Geet conversion

  • Ability to choose Chandrabindu position in Geetanjali Text before conversion

  • Just copy text -> click convert -> paste converted text anywhere you like.

  • Assamese and Bangla versions available


  • Standard Edition: Need to do the tedious work of the manual selection of the font for Assamese, Assamese numbers and English letters after conversion.

  • Professional Edition: No need to manually select font after conversion. For longer documents, you will have to convert 10 pages at a time.

  • Ultimate Edition: Automatic font apply after conversion. No upper limit of document size. Can do 1000 of pages at a time.

JAHNABI KEYBOARD (Professional Version)

Jahnabi keyboard for assamese


  • More than 500 beautiful ASCII Assamese/Bangla fonts

  • Suitable for Graphic Designing and DTP works

  • 5 keyboard layouts

  • Updates based on subscription